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Villages Wednesday Club Update- Some Day We’ll Meet Again!


Before the November lockdown many people were asking when the Villages Wednesday Club might be able to open its doors again. It has been shut since March because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and many of our members are itching to return to the Club- it plays such an important role in enabling them to get out of the house for the day to meet up for friendship, lively company and a tasty hot meal.


With the prospect of possible further lockdowns ahead it is difficult to make any plans, and the issues involved in re-opening are complex, from risk assessments for the building and for members and volunteers, to cleaning, hygiene and social distancing. Waverley Borough Council are not currently allowing groups to use the premises at Blunden Court, where we hold the Club, in order to protect the residents there, and there is also some work being done on the building which would restrict its use at the moment. But one day we hope we will be allowed back!


We plan to review the situation in the new year when we hope to be able to get the Club up and running again. We very much look forward to seeing all our wonderful volunteers again- drivers, cooks, washer uppers, morning and afternoon helpers and pop-up shop. Of course we don’t want to ask anyone to do anything they don’t feel comfortable with, and we may need to find some additional volunteers to step into the shoes of those who don’t feel able to come back yet. If you would be interested in being put on a list of additional helpers, please do email


In the meantime, we are keeping in touch with our members by phone. We also send them quizzes and puzzles each month so that they receive something in the post from us regularly and to give them something to do over a coffee, or with their carer or grandchildren.


We will get through this and meet up again- the Villages Wednesday Club has been at the heart of our community for 32 years now and is too valuable to lose!

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